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Life happens. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This is an exploration of life and all that interests me. I am a therapist working in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I'm fascinated in the world around me and how people deal with and relate to it. I like to further my knowledge of people, psychology and more. Please join me on my journey.

Saturday 1 December 2012

Sickness Return...?

Winter, don't you love it? Crisp, cold mornings where you get all wrapped up and ready to face the chill factor. It's also the time of year when illnesses like coughs, colds, flu's and viruses spread more rapidly.

There's things you can do to help yourself and others avoid some of these bugs. Washing your hands after sneezing and using paper tissues when you have a cold will help to avoid spreading it further. Making sure you keep hydrated and also eating healthily including vegetables to keep necessary vitamins and minerals topped up.

Taking time off work may be a worry for some people when they have an illness, particularly if they have already taken time off before. Maybe your company has a strict absence policy or perhaps you can't afford not to miss another day as you won't get paid? Worrying only makes you feel worse, so you crawl out of your sick bed and grudgingly return to work - only to find you feel ten times worse the next day and reluctantly have to call in sick again. I've done this a few times in the past and can say in hindsight it probably took me longer to get over an illness than if I had rested and allowed my body the chance to recover. In returning to work I also probably spread germs to other people. Even with the best will in the world you can't stop all germs from escaping. Think about the cascade effect - how many others affected by our choices? If you can recover a bit longer at home, your colleagues may appreciate it.

What happens though if you are fearful of germs and getting ill? More people than you might imagine see this as a real and frightening fear. It eats up any sensibility even in the most rational of people in every day life. I've worked with a number of people on dealing with fear of becoming ill, of being ill and of coming into contact with germs. I want to reassure you that there is the potential to get over the fear. It's not a magic bullet approach, although with support you can make changes to how you feel and deal with this, and to deal with the underlying reasons.

So if you wanted to know more about dealing with fear of germs or fear of becoming ill, give me a call. Book a free initial consultation to find out how I can help.
You can call the Norfolk Clinic reception on 01603 660792 or call me directly on 07773 610816.

About the Author: Angie works at the Norfolk Clinic Complementary Healthcare Clinic, 38-40 Magdalen Road, Norwich. She loves helping other people achieve their potential at work and in life and achieving happiness using a range of therapeutic techniques.
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