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Life happens. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This is an exploration of life and all that interests me. I am a therapist working in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I'm fascinated in the world around me and how people deal with and relate to it. I like to further my knowledge of people, psychology and more. Please join me on my journey.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

'Christmad' preparation? My top toboggan swerves to coast you through Christmas like a pro

So, I was hurriedly searching for a particular food on google, intending looking for 'Christmas holiday food'. However, with the speed of a chased rabbit down a hole, I mistyped: 'Christmad.'  Seems a suitable alternative name for an increasingly frantic time leading up to the festivities. 

The supermarkets have been playing Christmas music since November, when it was still quite warm and not at all feeling like Christmas, here in the UK. The TV commercials and shops started a feeling of journeying down a toboggan ride to 'Christmad' that was gradually more demanding and picking up speed. Going on a toboggan without preparation is dangerous, if untrained. So here's 3 of my top 'swerves' to prepare you for your very own toboggan ride to be happier and coast you more gently through Christmas!

 1) Tidying up

Your house may be less than tidy, perhaps you’re working long hours to make ends meet. You have family coming over. So you can either clean the house all night and feel exhausted or decide maybe you’re holding onto an unrealistic illusion of what a perfect home looks like at Christmas?  People tend to remember experiences, not things.  The fun and laughter of friends and families, not there were flawlessly clean carpets, perfect matching decorations and neatly stacked logs by a roaring fire. I’d rather have happy, rested family and friends, than those worn out cleaning everything up till the wee small hours, wouldn't you?

2)  Present buying

Most people, if asked, would say that some presents they’ve been given have gone unused, been recycled or are just sitting in the back of a cupboard. Finding and choosing gifts can be stressful. Particularly when attempting to find the latest ‘must-have’ toy for children. Of course, you want to do your best for your child. However, repeat after me “I’m doing the best for my family/friends/me” (Because, yes, you are!) Why not create something homemade that certain people will particularly like? (I’ve hand-painted a few items this year and I think the recipients will appreciate my efforts)

3)  Judging yourself/ comparisons

Don’t judge yourself harshly if you can’t finalise everything you would want to at Christmas.  If you have children, know that YOU are doing the best for them at this time.  Your love and time is far more important to a child. The best gift you can give is being a loving and ‘present’ parent, rather than worrying about ‘what if’s’ and ‘could haves’. They just take you away from the present moment of enjoying what you DO have.
If you see friends glossy ‘perfect’ images posted on social media, it can lead to feelings of envy or of not matching up to their standards. Those images are not the whole picture. They represent a moment, not a real story of lumpy gravy, only what the person posting wants you to see.  It’s another illusion to disregard and swerve.

 I wish you a very healthy and happy ride through the festivities! 

Angie x


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