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Sunday 28 June 2015

The see-food diet wins a brain reward every time!

If chocolate's on the menu, unless I have a great deal of restraint, or a strong awareness of being full, there's a likelihood of me having this reaction (Abby Lee Miller of Lifetime TV's Dance Mom's fame). It's a challenge all humans face around the 'not so good for you' food. We've not evolved quickly enough on from our hunter/gatherer years when food was not freely available, so we seek high density foods, like those high in sugar or high in fat.   

We get a 'reward' and particularly with chocolate, the release of 'feel good' hormones. Our brain seems hardwired to go get that fatty, calorie-loaded food.

It's the same with Ice-cream. The high fat addition to many cheaper value ranges, make people respond just like Abby did in the picture above. 

People 'see food' and start to get a reward in their brains before they even get a dollop of it on their tongue. Advertisers know this. Just seeing an image of chocolate I can honestly 'smell it' and salivate, particularly when I'm hungry. Those pesky advertisers.... 

Back to Abby (above pics) who recently lost a lot of weight after nursing her elderly mother in a hospice. I feel for anyone dealing with someone during late stages of life. Abby was quoted as having tried to get her mom to eat by even taking in her favourite restaurant food. Her mom could not eat it and feeling nauseous much of the time. Seeing this may have prompted a reaction from Abby. Stress can lead to not eating or to over-eating.  Normally a positive response to food from others encourages us to 'go ahead'. Seeing her mom refuse food may have also enabled Abby to put her food brakes on too. This and the recent bad news of having 'diabetes' another reason for her weight loss plan. Either way, I hope Abby fits well into her life. She's a force to be reckoned with and I admire her tenacity. It's one quality needed to overcome a food addiction/ emotional response to food. We all have it, some just need to find what makes them really want to stop over-eating.    

Through HypnoShape ®  I've helped others to find their way forward to seeing food as a fuel and not an emotional need and putting their food brakes on.  A recent testimonial: "I would recommend this programme because it will change the way you think and feel about food" & "My thought process (around food) is much more positive and mindful"

Want to know more about HypnoShape - A 6-session weight reduction programme? Please get in touch.  Email: info@angiegiles.co.uk or via telephone number below. 

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