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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stepping onto a new platform

Thinking about train journeys today. How some people's travel plans were thrown out because of strong winds affecting power lines. 

It got me thinking about platforms, 'Stepping onto a new platform'. In a different way, that's what happens when life gives us an opportunity (or maybe it throws us something unexpected?) It might seem inconvenient, however, it creates an opportunity to learn and grow.  

It could be the platform allows us to re-evaluate who we are, where we've come from and where we could even dare to consider going. (Think 'big' as someone once said to me) We might be owning up to something about ourselves. Perhaps that we are afraid of the truth. Perhaps that we are afraid we might fail. Maybe not yet grasping we're on a journey to fundamentally change our way of being. For some that can feel quite unsettling as the ground continues to move beneath them.  For others they say, 'bring it on!' 

It’s unusual to reach a destination without having experienced at least one new thing. It might be just getting time to reflect on ourselves and our lives. As we go from one platform to another, our self-awareness can grow. We can reflect on our previous ways of thinking and behaving. Gradually we evolve into a different person from the one who started the journey.  It can seem very distant from where we started. Maybe that's the best bit? The uncertainty of the outcome. Considering the yet to be written chapters.

I like to think it's the journey itself that makes it worth stepping onto the next platform for, don't you agree?

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