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Sunday, 4 September 2011

What do you do to lift your mood?

Today I was thinking, as the dark grey clouds started to move across the sky, what can you do when you want to feel better?  
I then asked my friends what do they do if they want to lift their mood. 

Below is a list of things my friends and I came up with. They all seem like great ideas to me and inspire positivity.

What else can you suggest for this list? Please let me and any future readers of this blog know too. Thank you!  

  • Standing barefoot on lush green grass
  • Doing meditation or Qi Gong
  • Practising sports or exercising
  •  Spending time chatting and catching up with a great friend
  •  Sitting on the beach on a crisp, sunny winter’s morning, watching the sea
  •  Sitting at a window seat with a mug of steaming hot tea, pillows, a blanket and watching the rain crash against the window pane
  • Getting outside in the pouring rain, being soaked through makes me feel good.  It’s so refreshing!
  • Having a big hug
  • Helping someone in their hour of need 
  •  Going swimming
  •  Writing down all your worries on a notepad and come back to them later on
  •  Looking up at a bright blue sky
  •  Looking up at the stars on a clear night 
  • Being with good company whom I share a sense of humour with, laughter is the best  medicine
  •  Lazing in the sunshine
  • Practice that dazzling smile 
  •  A few quiet minutes reading a really good book, preferably in the sun!
  • Watching the sun set
  • Closing my eyes and visualising myself growing taller and stronger
  •  Listening to your child singing random songs and mispronouncing things!
  •  Having a good laugh whilst watching a comedy on TV
  •  Getting lost in the excitement of a great film
  •  Playing a computer game that totally absorbs my attention
  • Enjoying the smells and colours of autumn approaching
  • Making something: perhaps baking or a good crafting session
  • Smelling rain after it lands on parched, summer earth
And…watching dark clouds make way for blue sky and sunshine just before sunset! (How apt!)

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