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Life happens. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. This is an exploration of life and all that interests me. I am a therapist working in Norwich, Norfolk, UK. I'm fascinated in the world around me and how people deal with and relate to it. I like to further my knowledge of people, psychology and more. Please join me on my journey.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

This moment, now

My own journey with mindfulness continues. With being in the moment. When there is a lot going on, sometimes the clutter can also clutter my mind, especially when I'm at my office, rather than where I work with clients. The noise from outside, the visual bombardment of social media, phone, computer and TV can be such a distraction in the home. I like to remember to stop and breathe. To look at nature, seeing the spring bulbs push their green shoots upwards through the earth. To listen and feel what's going on around me. I could do a lot better at this when I am feeling pressured, and I'm accepting that acceptance, takes a great deal of practice! I think when we see the 'D' of mind (see below), we know it is too easy to listen to negative thoughts or hold on to things that no longer serve us well. Something it might help is remember this little image (kindly borrowed from a wonderful blog from a lady who has gone through breast cancer) 

The lady who wrote it added a great footnote at the end of her latest blog post (22/01/2012). A statement from the wonderful Wayne Dwyer... on radiating serenity and peace: 'Radiate an energy of serenity and peace so that you have an uplifting effect on those you come into contact with. Your presence will make others feel calm and assured'                                                                                            That's something to be mindful about too, isn't it? 

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