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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Acting on impulse

When you watch other people's reactions to something or see what they put in social network posts, you might be able to tell there are instinctive reactions going on. It sometimes seems that they are their own worst enemy or that they are not able to see the wood for the trees, right? It's their instinctive mechanism that protects them and it's been there a long time, doing just that, keeping them 'safe'.  

I remember an advert for 'impulse' perfume. The strapline was, 'men can't help reacting on impulse'.  What happens if we take some time to examine those impulsive ways we used to protect ourselves with? It might be  something that by the impact of our behaviour or thoughts, no longer gives us what we want. Perhaps stripping valuable friendships from us because of our hot-headed reactions, fear or resentment leaving us feeling low or isolated.

If you have been acting on impulse lately, maybe start to look at your reactions and begin with respecting your needs as they are now. It's not too late to make a change! It needs practice, as does all change, though you might be surprised at how good you feel. 


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