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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

don't rush to grow old

A beautifully original crafted piece of artwork by Paula, a fellow blogger and whose blog I found today.  

Her blog is at new beginnings blogspot and this image is timely too, what with government-backed plans to clamp down on sexualised imagery such as raunchy music videos and scenes on TV before the 'watershed', inappropriate ad campaigns and a call for tougher internet controls for parents.

On a slightly different track, sometimes it's great to remember how good it is to let ourselves have the freedom and abandon of childhood. To dream with all our senses like only children can do. How often do you give yourself up to that feeling as an adult?

I'm looking forward to volunteering at a schools enterprise event later this week, I'll be seeing teenagers showing imagination, skills and knowledge in a very different way too. Exciting!     

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